Lancaster, UK – Make A Night Out of It!

While the university bars are great fun, for the more chill students at Lancaster University other parts of the city can be very interesting as well. Needing a night off from going out, I (along with some uni friends) decided to attend a Lancaster Castle tour. Our tour guide, Sandra, was an amazing resource of... Continue Reading →

My UK Debut

Hello All, After two connections, 13 hours of flying, and 21 hours of total travel...I have arrived at Lancaster University. My journey took me through Des Moines, Newark, Lisbon, Manchester, Wilmslow, and finally Lancaster. I had the opportunity of staying overnight at the King William Inn (Wilmslow); the quaint guest rooms sit above a pub.... Continue Reading →

6 Quotes To Get You Through

Hello All, This post features photos taken by myself with quotes inserted in. Enjoy. ***Icon in Featured Image made by Dave Gandy on ***Creative commons license the above mentioned is under

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