Essential Apps for the Study Abroader in the UK

This post contains a list of apps that I have found to be absolutely crucial in the UK, from navigation, to communication, to studying, to safety. While this list is not at all comprehensive or complete, it will give some good information and insight in how your smartphone can be an absolute life-saver in a... Continue Reading →

Russell Stover Got Us Again

Hello All, (Click on the above image to add this post to your Pinterest Boards!) I hope you will find this post slightly humorous as well as pertinent to your lives... On a recent trip to West St. Paul Minnesota to pick up my brother who is working as a full time missionary there, my... Continue Reading →

6 Quotes To Get You Through

Hello All, This post features photos taken by myself with quotes inserted in. Enjoy. ***Icon in Featured Image made by Dave Gandy on ***Creative commons license the above mentioned is under

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