Hiking in Malham (Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK)

Hello All,

This past weekend I went out with the Lancaster University Hiking Club to Malham in the Yorkshire Dales. This hike was around 13 miles in total and included departing from Malham, a couple different scrambles, lake views, and Malham Cove (where they filmed a scene for Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows).

Again, I do not have transportation advice as I took a coach from the University to the Dales; but if you are a student studying abroad at Lancaster University (and enjoy being outside) definitely look into joining this club.

Pictures of the initial scramble and surrounding area are shown below:

After completing the scramble (depending on the weather) your view at the top drops to this:

This view can be quite weird, especially when you do not really know where you are or where you’re going…but that is why you have leads with you that do!

The most unique portion of this hike came at the end for my group (or the beginning if you were with the other group). However, depending on the weather, you want to do the following portion when you can actually see as the view is amazing. The following pictures are from Malham Cove (which is in fact the location for an iconic scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows). A link to this can be found here. The limestone pavement is stunning and the surrounding views are beautiful as well.

Make sure to snap a picture of yourself as well to show you were on a past Harry Potter set…In addition to this Harry Potter set, the university sponsors a trip earlier in the semester that takes you to the castle where they filmed a large portion of the Harry Potter movies (that is why you need to make sure to check the university store website as that is where you purchase tickets).

Photo Oct 21, 15 26 18

Other pictures from the trip are below, as the weather was rainy and visibility was not great, the whole hike is not portrayed here at all, but trust me when I tell you, it is well worth it…rain or shine.

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