Day Hike in Langdale (Lake District National Park, England)

Hello All,

I am currently a member of the hiking club at Lancaster University and the hike this last Sunday took us to beautiful Langdale (a location just a jaunt north from Windermere). Since I traveled by coach from the university to the parking area, I do not have any travel tips; however, the roads are not the easiest to navigate and I would highly recommend planning your journey out ahead of time.

Now, when it comes to hiking in this area, most of the land is open-access which means you do not have to stick to prescribed trails in these locations, you can explore the area as you please. But again, it is smart to get a map and plan your trail ahead of time as the land is fairly open and there are hundreds of routes to take to tons of different peaks of your choosing.

The blank map and the drawn route my group and I took are below:

The hike was approximately 7-8 miles and included a couple peaks. The amazing thing about the Lake District is that the peaks aren’t the only places for amazing views and pictures. The whole time you are hiking you can look around for 360 degrees views and absolutely stunning scenery, the trade off is the fact you have to hike upwards for around 4 miles. Pictures of myself are below, followed by a collection of photos I took:

And of course, no hike would be complete without a stop down to the pub at the end:

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