Lancaster, UK – Make A Night Out of It!

While the university bars are great fun, for the more chill students at Lancaster University other parts of the city can be very interesting as well. Needing a night off from going out, I (along with some uni friends) decided to attend a Lancaster Castle tour.

Our tour guide, Sandra, was an amazing resource of history and practical knowledge! The whole experience is well worth doing (especially for midwesterners) who may have never seen a castle before. The Lancaster Castle is especially interesting as it was still being used as a prison up until 2011. In addition to being able to see British courtrooms still being used today, there is a wealth of artifacts and family crests to admire as well. Below is the link to their tripadvisor page; be sure to check them out if you are in Lancaster or the Greater Lakes District Area! The whole tour takes around an hour and a half…and if you are lucky, you can even be locked inside an original cell to see how it feels!

As a side note, due to the fact the royal courts inside the castle are still being used today, photos of the interior of the castle are forbidden. This is why the only photos featured here are from the exterior. The penalty (if caught) includes a hefty fine and up to two years in prison.

After the tour we headed down to Merchants 1688 which is a lovely pub/sit-down restaurant located literally 30 second walk from the Lancaster Castle main gate. The pub had excellent food at great prices, making it the perfect nook for a family OR uni student trying to scrape by. On the menu is a wealth of alcohols, vegan dishes, burgers, starters, and much much more. And, given the close proximity to the castle…it is a great stop after hearing about all the beheading’s and hangings of historic England. I have attached their website below as well as am image of the view from our table; if you are in the area, definitely check them out:

Photo Oct 03, 20 49 58

P.S. It is worth a read-up on the history of the location as you will most likely end up sitting in wine cellars that are over 300 years old!

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