Short Weekend Trip to Glasgow/Scottish Highlands (Scotland)

Hello All, This past weekend I left Lancaster and took a direct train down to Glasgow for a couple days. I arrived in Glasgow late on Friday, took a Scottish Highlands tour all day Saturday, and finally left late morning on Sunday...I wish I had booked a later train so that I could see some... Continue Reading →

1/2 Day Trip Down to Blackpool

Hello All, I took a quick trip down to Blackpool today in order to get acquainted with the train system here in the UK. All in all, the trains are very easy to figure out, even if you have connections. While the British people I have spoken to in the stations say the system is... Continue Reading →

Quick Trip to Morecambe

Hello All, The following photos are from the coastal area of Morecambe England. This shoreline is a great little town to check out, very family friendly, and close to the lake district / Lancaster.

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