My UK Debut

Hello All,

After two connections, 13 hours of flying, and 21 hours of total travel…I have arrived at Lancaster University. My journey took me through Des Moines, Newark, Lisbon, Manchester, Wilmslow, and finally Lancaster.

I had the opportunity of staying overnight at the King William Inn (Wilmslow); the quaint guest rooms sit above a pub. I highly recommend the accommodation as it made me feel right at home. Below are some pictures:

In addition, I did not have much time to explore Wilmslow as I was very tired…but I did snap a few shots of the surrounding city. Below are some shots of the St. Bartholomew Church in Wilmslow:

I also took some pictures of the Wilmslow shopping district, shown below:

And the biggest thing I learned is that Vodafone employees are not the nicest, but O2’s are! Therefore the enemy is:


And the ally is…


Lastly, the view from my flat is shown below:

One last thing…if there was ever an instance that a college/university student would find humorous it is the one below:


I was right outside the Aston Martin dealership when I took this shot; what made me laugh is that these vehicles (A) were just chilling outside, (B) they are quite, quite expensive, and the funniest part (C) the Domino’s across the street. All university students have priorities…and it certainly is not that Aston Martin.


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