Russell Stover Got Us Again

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I hope you will find this post slightly humorous as well as pertinent to your lives…

On a recent trip to West St. Paul Minnesota to pick up my brother who is working as a full time missionary there, my mother and I stopped in Owatonna (as we always do when making this trip). Whats in Owatonna you ask? Well, the answer to that would be the Russel Stover Outlet store. Just like a clothing outlet store, or any other discount store for that matter, this chocolate shop stocks regular product, mis-made product, and everything in between (with most items selling at a lower price due to some reason or another). However, no matter how healthy you are, this store can be a dangerous place.

Allow me to explain…

With the recent revolution in almost every retail store offering an app, points card, or credit card, the Russel Stover Outlet store was not left behind; much like Airline miles, the outlet store gives a certain amount of points per the amount of dollars you spend. Once you hit a certain number of points, you a get a free gift. Now, this is a dangerous game and one that I often find humor in. I look at points cards, and coupons, and in store credit-cards all as a way to make you spend MORE money…not SAVE money. Many people will go buy products with a coupon they would have never bought without it; therefore, you go spend $3.00 on an item (you would have never bought without a coupon before) but you save $0.50 with the coupon meaning you only spent $2.50. Wow! A savings of $.50! But wait…you see where I’m going with this. With that cleared up, let me address one final piece of the puzzle, my family has been reward members with the Russel Stover Outlet store since the first time we went there (they give you a little card they scan to track your points), and we have gone there quite often as our trips to Minnesota are pretty frequent.

With this all in mind, the pinnacle of this story reaches its height…demonstrated by the photo below:

Photo Sep 19, 3 55 18 PM

That is a 5 lb. box of chocolate! Now, this may not seem like a lot to you…but to me, this was just one of those things that made me laugh and smile.

Therefore, the moral of this story is: As you spend time with family, whether that be sitting at home or traveling, find beauty in the small things around you. It is not everyday some huge event happens to make you motivated or happy, if you are able to take comfort, happiness, and joy out of something as “small” as a 5 lb. box of chocolate than you will be able to wake up everyday expecting the best.

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