10 Beautiful Photos Of Eagle Cap National Forest (Oregon)

Eagle Cap

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This featured travel post is going to be quite a bit shorter than the other ones; however, since this trip was taken last summer I cannot quite recall enough details to make this post as lengthy as I was hoping. Nonetheless, I took the Empire Builder Amtrak Line from Minneapolis, MN to Pasco, WA. The trip (ONE-WAY) was around 32 hours. If you think you are immune to cabin fever, do this trip and you will realize you most definitely are not. I spent a few weeks in Walla Walla, WA while also spending about 5 days in the Eagle Cap Wilderness.

We began our hike in at Two Pan Trailhead and continued through the rolling hills and valleys…which felt more like mountains and ravines to a rather out of shape hiker. While the trip in has sharp gains in elevation and is basically all uphill, it is well worth it. We arrived at the Lake Basin after about 4 miles and it was by far the most beautiful back country location I have ever been to. We proceeded to set up camp, myself in a one-person Eureka Solitaire, and my uncle in a roomier two-sleeper. Over the next few days we went out on day hikes and enjoyed the basin. The collection of photos below are 10 of my favorite from the hike in, including two STUNNING panoramas.

***Icon in Featured image made by Freepik on flaticon.com

***Creative commons license the above mentioned is under.

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