6 Beautiful Grey-scale Pictures of Washington D.C.


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The featured images in this post were taken during a summer trip to Washington, D.C. that my brother and I took this past summer. Overall, we did not focus on photography but more the history of the place as it was my first time there and my brothers second. Over the years we have begun to develop an interest in amateur photography with a knack for black and white. The minimalist nature of grey scale photography is what has attracted me to it in more recent times. If I ever return to D.C. I will certainly focus on photographing the norm of the city and not so much the touristy aspects of the place. Nonetheless, enjoy these grey scale/black and white photos of our nations capitals. In some of the photos there has been editing done as I am beginning to try my hand at GIMP (a free download that compares to Adobe Photoshop):

***Icon in Featured Image produced by Freepik on flaticon.com

***Creative commons license the above mentioned is under.

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