The Journey Begins (START HERE)

Thanks for joining me friends, family, and strangers. The plan for this blog is to provide daily thoughts, study abroad experiences, and my first steps into the professional workforce. In addition, I love reflecting on past experiences and how those shape my decisions today. I hope you all find the content uplifting, motivational, and inspiring. I have been dabbling in amateur photography as well which will be featured in a separate portion of this blog.

I am 19 years old, based in Newton, IA… although I attend college in Ames, IA… will be studying in Lancaster, UK…and will be interning in Cedar Rapids, IA. I am currently in the professional program in Accounting and International Business at the Deb & Jerry Ivy College of Business (Iowa State University of Science and Technology).

I started this site in order to express what I feel will be helpful for other young adults entering the professional world as soon as possible. The other motivations for this blog include sharing my study abroad experience with friends and family, posting photography, and providing daily updates and motivation.

Visitors can expect to get out of this site whatever they put in. Reading blogs and learning about others is a journey that can only begin once you have begun to care about others experiences. I myself love reading travel blogs, searching photography sites, and learning about all persons paths.

I hope you enjoy the content, do not hesitate to contact me.


Life is a road best enjoyed when you drive your own car and stop worrying about why all those people are staring at you as you pass them on the interstate” – Joe Stammeyer


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